Bonsai School Video Clips

I’ve just managed to get time to create the video clips from the 6 hours of tape taken at the Bonsai School with Willowbog Bonsai.

Phil was testing out his new camcorder so we managed to get it all in HD.

I have put together 4 clips that I’ll be putting onto You Tube during the week and linking to here. This is the first one with Peter talking about branch structure among other things. I missed the Saturday school and must admit I really enjoyed going through the recordings and watching what I’d missed.

Here are a few comments from other members who did attend and took the time to fill out our evaluation form.

“The school was a great experience.  I learned alot.  Bring on June!”

“Even if you have heard Peter before on any given subject he comes up with new ideas and covers many things that you have heard but forgotten. At this price the school is well worth the time and money. After the school I was able to re-pot many trees with confidence and apply many new ideas. Looking forward to the next school even if it is only for the craic.”

“The school and workshop was really helpful. Peter had so much information and experience to share it was difficult to fit it all in, but this   leaves you looking forward to the next time.”

“The bonsai school with Peter Snart from Willowbog Bonsai was an interesting day.  He started of by giving the history of bonsai and how he became interested in the subject and then he told us of the importance of good compost, the way to prune roots and how to repot.  It was a good day with good company, a good lunch and a great opportunity to buy pots, trees and and all the other bonsai material you can think of.”