New Book has arrived today

I received my latest bonsai book today, Bonsai inspirations by Harry Harrington. Harry has allowed us to reproduce a few of his articles from his website here in our knowledge section.

My first impressions of the book are very positive. I haven’t found a book similar to this in style and content for a long time. At 267 pages, it’s a lot bigger than I expected. Content covers everything from field growing, garden trees, yamadori, and much more. I get the feel that as I read through Harry’s bonsai progression articles, I can see him develope his skills and bonsai over the last ten years. The amount of photographs is staggering. This shows why all bonsai enthusiasts should be keeping record snaps of their trees. A few (less than 1%) snaps are of poorer quality but, having been record snaps, they would have been missed if left out.

A big well done to Harry, I look forward to sitting down tonight for a proper flick though and the coming weeks will see me working my way steadily through it. I would urge our members, and anyone else out their following our blog, to buy a copy. You won’t regret it.

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Loads of photos on every page