Arnie’s 360 Bonsai

Arnie from the IBC had been asking how to make 360 bonsai and I was able to help him out with a template. He has kindly agreed to let me add his 360’s here. Bonsai friendship from Hamburg, Germany. :-)

First up is a Field Maple.

The tree is a “struggeling”, windswept acer campestre. Arnie aims towards the design  showing a tree in a “fighting zone” of nature.
Arnie says'”Not beautiful bad full of character. Of course this tree is “far from glory”, it is pre-bonsai. I baught this tree in 2008 from a Yamadori-trader. Height 40 cm. Trunkdiameter 8 cm.”

Next is a Common Elm. Arnie says, “The tree itself is a common elm (Ulmus campestre or hollandica, I think).
It is about 50 cm high. I collected the elm 10 years ago, as a yamadori here in Germany.
The nebari-diameter is
estimately about12 cm’s thick.”

Lastly we have an Ash, Franinus Exelsior. Arnie says,” Please notice, that it is a pre-bonsai, without the demand of  perfectness.
I collected the tree in 2008. Some say Fraxinus is a bit difficult because of the leaf size. In my opinion this species is underestimated.”

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