Welcome to our new feature on the NIBS Website.

After seeing bonsai photographed over  360°  on Ausbonsai, an Australian bonsai Forum some of us in the UK started to look into how to do this for ourselves.

Lewis Milnes, on the Wee Trees Bonsai Forum researched this format and has come up with a template for us. Thanks Lewis.

Some may find this controversial as bonsai are meant to be viewed from a front or preferred viewing angle. This is all very well and good when you are standing in front of the tree and can see all in 3D with your own eyes, but looking at a photograph is a totally different ball game. You lose those extra pieces of information that the eye sees in real life and in many cases, photographs can be misleading.

By using this software, we can show our viewers all aspects of the tree and allow everyone to see how the bonsai was created. This can be used as a learning tool for beginners with raw material or just as a fun way to display a specimen bonsai online.

Below are the first offerings. To see the process in action, just place the mouse cursor on the image and slowly drag it across it to rotate the tree.

Click on any of the links below to see 360 bonsai. Enjoy

Josh’s Bonsai 360’s

Ian’s 360 Bonsai

Stephen’s 360 Bonsai

Mariusz’s 360 Bonsai

Arnie’s 360 Bonsai

Demo Juniper 360’s

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