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  1. Kristian White says:

    Hi, I found your site from another blog and was hoping that I could get some information about soil type (organic, inorganic) for my english oak bonsai trees. I thought maybe someone from your club could share what they use. I have a problem with root rot and am sure it is a soil and watering problem. It is hard to find any information on english oaks as bonsai here in the US. Thanks, Kristian

  2. Ian says:

    Hi Kristian,

    Sounds like your current mix is holding too much water. I would suggest a mix with grit and whatever type of inorganic clay product is available in the US. You could also add a little bark with no fine particles in it. Something like you see used for orchids.

    These articles might help. This one talks about products in the US

    and this one will explain the full concept of an open mix, feeding and watering.

    Hope this helps. Get back to us at: if you need further help.

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