Month: October 2011

  • Stan’s Larch, the Story so far….

    Stan joined the club back at the start of the year. He had been dabbling with bonsai on his own for a year or so. He heard about the NIBS through the Wee Trees Forum. After the February Bonsai School, Peter left a few bits of raw material behind for sale. Stan had a look […]

  • Don’t Forget

    It would be easy to forget after all the excitement last weekend that this Friday is our Club Meeting. Roy’s Hawthorn from the carving demo will be there for everyone to see the finished work done by Peter late on Sunday. A few other new trees will also be there. Remember, it’s a workshop so bring trees!

  • Deadwood

    The main focus of the weekend school and workshop was deadwood. Here a few images showing some of the work done at the school and during the workshop. In most cases, this is the first basic carving work on the tree. Roy’s demo Hawthorn Ben’s Larch Stan’s Larch Geraldine’s Juniper Valerie’s Mugo Pine Peter’s Larch, […]

  • School’s Out

    This weekend saw the final Willowbog Bonsai School for 2011. In my opinion it was also the best session so far. Peter talked about Winter protection for our trees. This proved to be a very popular topic for our members with a lot of audience participation. He moved on to the main topic for the […]

  • Classroom Ready, Awaiting Teacher

    The classroom has been created for our bonsai school this Saturday, all we need now is the arrival of our teacher, Peter Snart of Willowbog Bonsai. He will currently be packing his van full of all things bonsai for us to buy :-) Check back with us for more images of how the weekend went.