Ian Y’s 360 Bonsai

Here are some of Ian’s Bonsai in 360.

If you would like to see and read more about Ian, click on this link.

First up, Two new ones added 15th October 2011

Chuhin Japanese Maple with no clothes on!

The next one is of a Korean Hornbeam. It’s been recently repotted and some of the recently exposed deadwood areas require refinement next year.

The next tree is a Fuji Cherry quite early on in it’s progress as a bonsai. This tree will be carved and styled in a few weeks time so be sure and check back for a 360 update.

Here is the same tree after wiring and styling. Some branches require further pruning but have been left long for flowering in the Spring.

A recently constructed Cork Bark Elm group.

7 Responses to Ian Y’s 360 Bonsai

  1. Rick Johnstone says:

    I love this 360 photo technique. Being able to see all sides of the tree adds more power to the design. Very nice work!

  2. Ian says:

    Thanks Rick, It’s time consuming taking all the photos required, but worth it in the end I feel.

  3. Inderjit Kumar says:

    Thank you very much, its much easier to see the result of work that goes into creating process.

  4. Inderjit Kumar says:

    Thank you very much, this piece makes it easier to appreciate the time and work that goes in creating a bonsai. Truly a labour of love and dedication. Carry on the good work

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