Month: March 2016

  • More Auction Lots & Bids added

    The generosity of our members never ceases to amaze me. Two new lots added on the AUCTION PAGE and new bids added. Please check to confirm your bid is still winning! I have also updated a few of the photos now that all trees are located in one place. If you are local and wish […]

  • Repotting Workshop

    Thank you to all who supported our repotting workshop organised to raise some money for the club. It was all a bit hectic on the day with just about every spare tub, basin, bucket or tray used to hold all the sieved mixes used by those taking part. We got a fair bit done on […]

  • Auction: Saving the Best Until Last

    We have just added more trees onto the AUCTION PAGE. I think it’s safe to say that these are the pick of the bunch. One of our founding members, Josh, donated 4 European Beech to the Society’s auction and you’ll be excited to see what’s now on offer. All four trees have been in training as bonsai […]

  • All Set for Repotting Workshop?

    Tomorrow 19th March is our club’s repotting workshop and everything is in place for a day of sieving, root rakes, chop sticks and hosing! Looking forward to seeing plenty of our members taking part and helping others. A few big and tricky trees lined up so it should be educational. Also to be potted are […]

  • March Meeting in Review

    Friday night’s meeting was a busy affair with a lot going on. Luckily Robert Porch dropped in for the evening and we had another set of hands to help out. A big welcome to Bob, our new member on the night. A great quote from him on his email today, “I enjoyed last night immensely and […]