Month: April 2011

  • Members Bonsai – Trident Maple

    After a brief break from our daily members bonsai feature (nothing to do with the Royal Wedding) we return today with this Trident Maple belonging to Roy B. It is an impressive size with great taper and has a great future ahead of it in Roy’s care. I just love the tree pot combination. If […]

  • NIBS YouTube 10,000 Hits!!

    Our Channel on YouTube reached a mile stone today. We started the channel just over 5 months ago and in that time we have uploaded 21 video clips for public viewing. We now have 42 subscribers on the channel. Today we hit the 10,000 views mark!! To view our channel click on the link below.

  • Members Bonsai – Hawthorn

    This is another one from Roy B’s collection. This Hawthorn was collected by Roy back in 2001/2. Yesterday it was in full flower.

  • Members Bonsai – Mame Cotoneaster

    This little fella belongs to Roy B and is just bursting into flower this week.

  • Members Bonsai – Matthews Juniper

    Our youngest member Matthew  was given this tree last week by Stephen. After some cleaning and wiring with help from Dad this is what he has ended up with. Matthew says thanks Stephen :-)

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