Month: March 2011

  • Oh to be a Landscape Gardener

    We have 2 landscape gardeners in the club and turning up with great material seems to the norm. It’s amazing what people want pulled out of their garden and dumped and I feel Urban Yamadori is a great way to get quality material into you collection, although for those with big gardens, could also explore […]

  • Members repotting Frenzy

    This week has seen some amazing warm days and the trees are responding very fast. This resulted in a repotting frenzy by some of the members. Here’s a few of the trees repotted last night.

  • Bonsai School Video Part 4

    This is the final part for the school day, I think! I’ll look at some footage of the workshop and see if there is any bits I can use. I could certainly make a comedy reel with some of the stuff on there :-) Enjoy the last part for now. It takes a closer look […]

  • Bonsai School Video part 3

    Here’s the third instalment of our Bonsai School series. In this one, Peter demonstrates clearing out the old soil from the roots of a tree when repotting, and discusses pot selection.

  • Bonsai School Video Part 2

    As promised, here’s part two of four videos from our recent Bonsai School. This time Peter looks at nebari and making trees look older.

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