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I was told about this website yesterday and just love the concept.

It’s called ‘Our Bonsai’ and features bonsai that have started from simple beginnings. These are trees created from nursery stock,  garden trees and hedging.

The trendy side of bonsai in Europe is all about Yamadori and there can be no question that this produces the top level of bonsai. However, yamadori can be hard to source in Northern Ireland and, the way over the top prices being charged for imported material from Europe, is beyond the reach of most of us. This site shows what can be achieved by everyone out there, no matter how deep your pockets are, and should give inspiration to us all.

Click on the link below to go straight to Our Bonsai.

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  1. Dan Barton says:

    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for your kind comments….. much appreciated. I hope it won’t be long before we see some trees on the site from NI. Whilst you’re at it, you may care to take a peek at my other site:



  2. Ian says:

    Hi Dan,

    I’ve not only peeked at it, I’ve bookmarked both sites :-)

    We have loads of trees that fit the site profile and, as I’ve just got a decent camera, I plan to take a few photos worthy of Our Bonsai. You might find the material here of interest.




  3. Dan Barton says:

    Yes, I’m sure you have a lot of trees that will fit the bill… check out the “ABOUT” page on the OURBONSAI site to make sure they satisfy the criteria. We are looking for trees of exhibition quality that have been created from humble beginnings other than ‘yamadori’ to inspire others to grow bonsai from these sources.



  4. phil says:

    great website for trees from nursery stock cuttings etc , think we could put a few trees up on it , we will have to speak to ian and see if his new camera would be up to the job !!

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