New 360 Bonsai Added

Today Philip and I put together this Corkbark Elm group planting. Here’s a few snaps and a 360° flash of the finish group.

Growbag tray from B&Q. Drilled for drainage.

Wooden battens added to allow for drainage and air circulation

Selection of Elms to be used.

Bare rooted and ready for placement.

Mix of grit, cat litter and akadama.

Wired into place for stability

Adding more mix before adjusting angles and heights.

Now for a good watering and pop it into the poly tunnel for protection.

Two eejits, well, the one on the left anyway :-)

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3 Responses to New 360 Bonsai Added

  1. phil says:

    a good day was had making up the group , you can all get a good look at it on friday night !!

  2. Peter Snart says:

    excellent !! interesting exercise , big ceramic needed in the future , or maybe a nice bit of slate ?

  3. Ian says:

    Hoping for slate Peter, but you never know, might be a pot in it for you lol

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